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Resident Selection Criteria

The Department of Justice believes that an occupancy policy of two persons per bedroom, as a 
general rule, is reasonable under the Fair Housing Act. This is the general rule that our property follows.

The following procedures outline the determination of eligibility and acceptability:

  • All adults must be lease holders, therefore, a formal completed application is required from anyone 18 years of age or older that will be living in the apartment/home.

  • Pay stubs for the most recent month or tax records for the most recent tax year will be required to verify employment. A minimum of 6 months employment within the same company or industry is required. Gross income must equal 3 to 4x the monthly rent amount per month.

  • Proof of income and/or subsidy or a benefit verification letter is required for verifying gross income.

  • Must have positive rental or mortgage history within the last 6-24 months. A minimum of 6 months rental/mortgage history is required (lease or mortgage must be in applicant’s name) or a co-signer will be required.

  • A background check will be made to determine record of criminal history.

Obtaining a co-signer may be a condition of your application approval. Co-signers must meet the following requirements:

  • Can be a relative, legal guardian, or any qualified individual.

  • Gross income must equal 5 to 6x the monthly rent amount. Pay stubs for the most recent month or tax records for the most recent tax year will be required to verify employment. A minimum of 6 months at current employment or within same industry is required.

  • Must have positive rental or mortgage history within the last 6-24 months. A minimum of 6 

  • months rental/mortgage history is required.

  • Co-Signer Application must be completed and signed; Guarantee of Lease Form must be signed and notarized. A separate application fee is required.

A decision of approval or denial will made after considering the following things:

  • Whether information provided on application is sufficient and accurate.

  • Whether the applicant has the satisfactory history of meeting financial obligations.

  • Whether the applicant demonstrates financial responsibility to pay the monthly rent.

  • Management reserves the right to decline an applicant if the income does meet the specified requirement outlined in the Resident Requirements and Co-Signer Requirements above.

  • Management will consider the previous 6-24 months of rental or mortgage history and reserves the right to approve or decline an applicant based on the results.

  • Any applicant who has been convicted of a sexual crime and is a lifetime registered sex offender will be declined. Any applicant who has been convicted of a felony crime within the last 10 years will be declined if the crime involves drugs, violence, theft, alcohol abuse, fraud, or arson. Any applicant who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime within the past 3 years that involves the sale of drugs, violence, theft, or fraud will be declined.


  • Required earnest money must be paid in order to hold the apartment/home for up to 14 days once application has been approved.

  • Earnest money paid will be refunded if applicant is rejected, but forfeited if applicant decides not to lease apartment/home. Upon execution of the lease agreement, the earnest money shall become part of the security deposit.

Applicants will receive either a phone call or a formal letter stating acceptance or rejection of the application depending on information given in the application.

Payments are accepted in the form of cash, money order, cashier’s check, or personal check.

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