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Emergency Repairs

For a gas leak contact the Nipsco Emergency Line at 800-634-3524.  For any other emergency repair, contact the phone number listed in your lease agreement.

Maintenance Request

For any non emergency issues with your apartment, you should submit a Maintenance Request form below. By using the maintenance request form, it helps us to stay organized and get the issues resolved in a timely manner. Please be as descriptive as possible. 

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Maintenance Requested *

Trash Removal

Trash pickup for all Winamac tenants is on Tuesday's. Trash bins can be out at the street as early as 5pm on Monday and no later than 7am Tuesday for pickup. Trash bins must be on the side of the street with the lid opening facing the road.  Loose trash and larger items can go into the bins however the lids must be able to close.

Larger items that will not fit in the trash bins (such as old furniture) are the responsibility of the tenant. They are accepted at the Pulaski County Transfer Station for a small fee at 460 W 60 S in Winamac.  If you take Adams Street to the West you will run right into the drive for the transfer station, recycling is to the South. If you are unable to take the item to the transfer station and would like us to take it for you, fill out a maintenance request and we will contact you with pricing.

Other Resources
Utilities Contact Information

Electric and water - Winamac Town Office - 574-946-3451

Gas - Northern Indiana Public Service Company - 800-4NIPSCO

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